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Amsterdam New Year Throw In Tournament January 2nd

In order to see his polo friends from LDN, Tomasito (Cosmic team) invited whovere wanted to come to his new town : Amsterdam. It ended up into a Throw In New Years Tournament on January 2nd.

I went there without ANY expections, but to have fun, and really enjoy myself.
The tournament took place in a massive warehouse (with a BIG blue door) that also held a massive skatepark with kids from 4 years old. It was incredible.

I played with Jono from London and Kyra from Eindhoven.
First game, Brendan takes the bal land starts a sprint – but we crash pretty hard – he’s so surprised I was in front of him, he thinks I did it on purpose :-). So we stand there, with our bikes tied together, and for a second, none of us wants to solve the situation.
Pic by Slamm :

Somehow, we kept winning and we managed to play the final against Emilie’s team (Oh NO !!! is how I felt)
Smooth but competitive the score was 4-3 when Jono simply « took it to the kitchen » and made the final goal ; I mean he looked so determinated to score. He really impressed me on his moves and was a real pleasure to be his teammate. Kyra had to stay in goal pretty much the whole time, but still managed to get out and try a few shots.

Out of 10 teams, we won the tourney, and I was called MVP, (but I think i twas because of my Red Leather Pants) and Kyra was called Best Female Player. I got a smooth Burton Jacket that I m currently testing while riding.
Pic by Agata :

Here’s a couple of pics I took – You can see the rest on my FlickR

Thank you all and see you soon !