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Children of decadence : One shot at life

you only get one shot at life.
for this reason, I photograph, and for the same reason, Thom and his mate Max both work on a motorcycle custom project. This is the result of 2 days in the garage with them.
Finishing a project for the HUSZ exhibition next thursday in Paris, I joined the “Children of decadence” for a week end, few shots, a bit of help, some beers and a good laugh.
All pictures on Mamiya 645

Polo Project

@ Night

So last night we did part of the paintjob, you know hangin out and having some Bud.

Who’s bad ??!!


This blog is about what inspires us and what happens in the streets.

Although I must admit fixed gear wil be the main topic.

From the steets of Paris to New York or London, this is what’s going down.

We are working on a special project :

A bicycle that won’t be fixed gear, (that means free wheel and single speed) but that needs to be classy as hell. It’s a bit challenging and I love that, plus this project is for a very speciual friend.

Here is the scheme of what should be done.

Pimp my bike yo.