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Au cimetière avec mon pére

(at the graveyard with my old man)

my father asked me to go with him to Bagneux Cemetary – For some reason I decided that I should take pictures that day, so I loaded my Leica C1 with a Kodak Plus X 40 year old film.

I had some issues with the film itself, and had to open the back of the camera several times.

I managed to process the film and scanned the pictures that made sense.

Motobecane L99E #2

My Custom Moped : Motobecane L99E

Photography by Louis David Najar and John Karsenty

MGM Jungle Tournament

I shot these with Alexander Schindel camera – Canon 5D witha 50 mm lens

I had to immortalize some of the details that were going on; but they were so many !


Natalia Paris

portrait series #1 : Nathalie

new york bff

all pictures by Louis David Najar at the Bicycle film festival in New York 2010

Los Angeles Bike Polo

All pictures on film

Ricoh KR10 35mm

© Louis David Najar

Amsterdam New Year Throw In Tournament January 2nd

In order to see his polo friends from LDN, Tomasito (Cosmic team) invited whovere wanted to come to his new town : Amsterdam. It ended up into a Throw In New Years Tournament on January 2nd.

I went there without ANY expections, but to have fun, and really enjoy myself.
The tournament took place in a massive warehouse (with a BIG blue door) that also held a massive skatepark with kids from 4 years old. It was incredible.

I played with Jono from London and Kyra from Eindhoven.
First game, Brendan takes the bal land starts a sprint – but we crash pretty hard – he’s so surprised I was in front of him, he thinks I did it on purpose :-). So we stand there, with our bikes tied together, and for a second, none of us wants to solve the situation.
Pic by Slamm :

Somehow, we kept winning and we managed to play the final against Emilie’s team (Oh NO !!! is how I felt)
Smooth but competitive the score was 4-3 when Jono simply « took it to the kitchen » and made the final goal ; I mean he looked so determinated to score. He really impressed me on his moves and was a real pleasure to be his teammate. Kyra had to stay in goal pretty much the whole time, but still managed to get out and try a few shots.

Out of 10 teams, we won the tourney, and I was called MVP, (but I think i twas because of my Red Leather Pants) and Kyra was called Best Female Player. I got a smooth Burton Jacket that I m currently testing while riding.
Pic by Agata :

Here’s a couple of pics I took – You can see the rest on my FlickR

Thank you all and see you soon !

Le roi de la raclette

Kitchen Window


Mouse in the wall

I love you


Greg and I in the ball

Group pic in the ball

Broken bottom bracket

Broken bottom bracket

Home made tool


On a chilly Sunday morning, 6 friends gather near Bastille ; they have a plan : ride, and the have 6 bikes – fixed gear or not who cares.
I arrived a bit early to the meating, had tea, and waited for the others participants to arrive : Hono, Wai, Chihiro, Hisashi, Yuji and Atsushi.
So 6 bikes, hot clothes, bags, and gloves. They step out one by one. I have 12 pictures left on my roll, and no digital camera. No mistakes allowed.
Moreover, it’s not about posing, it’s not a magazine photoshoot or something like that ; what you see, is the regular looks of true explorers that have basically met because they’re all residents of the city of lights : Paris.
The unexpected is that I showed up with my half broken Ricoh camera to immortalize the event. They were kind enough to let me capture the essential essence of what drives them in their everyday journeys.

Thank you
Arigato gozaimasu.
© Louis David Najar

Christmas Tourney – Paris bike polo

The Streets - Bike polo
Snowy court
PARIS BIKE POLO Edouard Portrait
Flying Ball
Skid marks
Skid marks
Icy court
Icy court
Group Picture
Group Picture
Alex, Edouard, Yorgo
Building View
Thé à la menthe
Tout schuss
Alex Bump
1st place