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Where to get Brain Fluid L.P.

If you want to support the music buy buying individual tracks or the whole release, there are a couple of different ways to get the Brain Fluid L.P. album right now :

Digitaly, you can get it through Juno Download : (http://www.junodownload.com/labels/Mad+Bros/releases/)

Physically, there is a limited CD pressing of 100 copies, all covers numbered and handmade, that you can get on the Mad Bros website, but also at 12inch record store (rue de Palestro) and Betino (rue Saint Sébastien).

There is also the official Brain Fluid MIX, that you can download for free right here right now (right click and save). Brain fluid_Front mini


A quick reminder of what Brain Fluid L.P. is : Brain Fluid L.P. is long play release entirely produced by Luis Davis, over the past 3 years. Our brain produces a considerable amount of fluid everyday, that is absorbed by our body, through physical and mental activity. For me, that liquid represents the different states of mind and moods that a journey or life can have. This is a tribute to Roberto Najar, my younger brother, who tragically died after 100 days of coma due to a traffic accident in the city of New York in 2006. The Najar brothers were very much inspired by the so called House Music, and that was the main reason why Roberto left to NYC. He basically followed his elder brother steps, and was dedicated to DJing. Brain Fluid is the transcription of a tragic story into sound and hopeful melancoly. 11 tracks to travel into emotion.

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24Hours ( http://www.2-4-hours.blogspot.com/ ) :

The Brain Fluid L.P. is a fantastic release, the whole album is entirely produced by Luis Davis, yes of course I´m talking about the Mad Bros label manager that we´ve featured here at 24:hours before. We are very excited to bring you this mix containing the songs from the album which Luis has been working on for three years. The result is really great and I do know this release will get all the great attention it deserves.

Redbull Music Academy : http://www.redbullmusicacademy.com/daily-news/post/All/0/972

Class of ’07 Luis Davis has wrapped up his debut album, a project that he had been working on for the past three years. The Brain Fluid LP is dedicated to his younger brother Roberto Najar, who tragically died at the age of 19, after 100 days of coma due to a traffic accident in New York City in 2006.

Last but not least you can also catch us on youtube and myspace :  myspace.com/luisdavis and myspace.com/madbros

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Song : Santa Fe

Album Name : Brain Fluid L.P.

Artist : Luis Davis

Produced and mixed by Luis Davis