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A quick article about the video “fixedgearlondon in Paris” :

Last year a group of 10 fixed gear riders from London planned a trip to Paris, to discover what the scene was around here.
For 3 days, we rode east to west and north to south everywhere in Paris… It was really cool to hang out all together, and get these guys to meet the “locals”.
I remember it was a cold and humid month, and it seems like it was such a long time ago, because so many things have happened since. To me it seemed obvious that this improvised trip needed to be on tape, so I grabbed my scooter and went for some filming… The outcome wasn’t meant to be a really fast and dangerous looking video; the purpose was to show people that riders actually started to travel with their bikes, the only purpose beeing “RIDING”.

Luis Davis

Luis hails from Paris, he’s a cycle polo pro, fixed gear fanatic and a ’spare time’ videographer. We had him fire in some words about the video above, like he mentions in his words and the same reason we dug it – it’s just dudes riding.

Cheers for the narrative Luis, stoked to have you on board this coming year as a product tester, look forward to many more shorts and the stories behind them – stoked!

Se the original article here : http://www.finisterreuk.com/thepost/2009/09/21/most-excellent/

HOLGA London by LDN

BYE BYE FGLDN (fixedgearlondon)


all pictures by Luis Davis for The Streets, fixedgearlondon and 14Bikeco

They’re coming BACK !!!!!!!


The whole crew is coming into town.
It’s gonna be a mess. A real mess.


I had an amazing time in London.

We set up the cinema, and the loft for the party.

Thank you fixedgearlondon, Andy, Ted, Ben, Jody, KIDS. Loads of fun and good memories. Here are some of them.

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