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Japanese Ride 2.0 scan

High resolution film scan is simply the best –

Chihiro, Honoo, Yuji, Hisashi, Wai and Atsushi


On a chilly Sunday morning, 6 friends gather near Bastille ; they have a plan : ride, and the have 6 bikes – fixed gear or not who cares.
I arrived a bit early to the meating, had tea, and waited for the others participants to arrive : Hono, Wai, Chihiro, Hisashi, Yuji and Atsushi.
So 6 bikes, hot clothes, bags, and gloves. They step out one by one. I have 12 pictures left on my roll, and no digital camera. No mistakes allowed.
Moreover, it’s not about posing, it’s not a magazine photoshoot or something like that ; what you see, is the regular looks of true explorers that have basically met because they’re all residents of the city of lights : Paris.
The unexpected is that I showed up with my half broken Ricoh camera to immortalize the event. They were kind enough to let me capture the essential essence of what drives them in their everyday journeys.

Thank you
Arigato gozaimasu.
© Louis David Najar

Guetto Polo – Team night

Ghetto polo court
Jude and Marc
Jude and Vigo
Jude and his Vigo
Marc's butt
Greg and the gate
Marc skid
OMG - Marc
The ghost
Stalingrad Court
Stalingrad Court
Mr Van Barben
Marc's hair
Ghetto polo view

Paris BFF Hardcourt Bike Polo Tournament

To see all the pictures of this amazing week-end, please visit the FlickR : Paris BFF Set

LOOK – track bike


The Look i’m riding as it is :

Frame Look

Shimano headset

Rigida DP18 Made In France Rims

Back : Randonneur 28 Front : Continental 23

Hubs Gran Compe

Cranks and BB Miche

Anodized bars + ODI grips

Cheap stem (from my first Fuji ? whatever)

Expensive carbon seatpost (thanks chinese mallet builder :-))

Turbo saddle (yes it’s bi coloured)

Barspin – – – – – – – – –

Cyclope coiffure, bonjour !

Cyclope coiffure 2Cyclope coiffure 4Cyclope coiffure 3Cyclope coiffure 1 Cyclope coiffure 5


HOLGA London by LDN

BYE BYE FGLDN (fixedgearlondon)


all pictures by Luis Davis for The Streets, fixedgearlondon and 14Bikeco

Say AAAAAAIiiiiiiiieeeeeeee !

My friend Johny is havin some good time in Australia… but it seems like they have the same kind of drivers over there….

(He’s ok by the way)