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The Roast Beef

The Roast Beef is a 50cc motorcycle project based on the chancy crafting of its seat.
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Photos © Louis David Najar 2012

Leica Polo

Children of decadence : One shot at life

you only get one shot at life.
for this reason, I photograph, and for the same reason, Thom and his mate Max both work on a motorcycle custom project. This is the result of 2 days in the garage with them.
Finishing a project for the HUSZ exhibition next thursday in Paris, I joined the “Children of decadence” for a week end, few shots, a bit of help, some beers and a good laugh.
All pictures on Mamiya 645

Paris Bike Polo for

Photos © Louis David Najar 2011

















La Poire Tourne


Black & White portraits