This blog started for the love of bicycles and photography.

Luis Davis is DJ, photographer and producer head of Mad Bros Records

Portraits & Lifestyle & Travel, Commercial & Editorial Photography by LDИ

For any enquiries contact : louisdavidnajar@gmail.com

2 responses to “AboutTheStreets

  1. Hello,

    Just a brief presentation :

    We are a small group of graphic artists based in Berlin and have developed a clothes series dedicated in particular to fixed gear riders.

    Our primary idea was to develop a t-shirt collection using reflective print to combine design and security.

    Let’s glow in the dark ! We want to offer handlebar freaks a possibility to make themselves visible in aggressive urban traffic without having to look like a christmas tree.

    All t-shirts are produced by labels known for their high standards quality of materials and a care for the environment.

    Thank you for forwarding this information. If you are interested we can exchange weblinks.

  2. just came by your blog and think its amzing! Really wonderful photography and a great idea. Will pop by again soon.
    Kate x

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