Pinstriping #1

So I taped and sprayed a white MBK helmet that came with a recent purchase

Here is what it looked like when I was done painting and with the lacquer

I use a fine blade to get the masking tape off nicely

Then it’s green on white, one side down.

You can actually see the two tapes on top off each other

So after you trace with the blade they both go smoothly

Here is all the rubish paper and tape that has been painted

And what it looks like before I pinstripe it

I had a little lunch break

With some funky lights

I set up my paint, and palet my brush – also I use a very toxic softener that smells terrible !

And there we go

With the assistant

Close up


I realized that the inside of the protection was completely messed up so had to take it out


Some Pics by Roro


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