Finisterre M65


I’ve been meaning to do this for ages but never actually took the time.

Few months ago I got a M65 jacket from Finisterre, that I was meant to test and then describe.

The jacket obviously has a great look, but we should be concerned about the technicalities.

First, the jacket does not close till the very bottom, as an effort to help provide movement. But in some windy conditions, you might want to close that all the way down. The same effect could be provided by the use of a double zip – (like on Barbours)

Second, and this is probably because I might have chosen a size that is slightly too short for me, it feels like the underarm is a little tight, and the sleeves a little short. I remenber this friend that really digged the jacket, then tried it and looked hilarious : the shoulders were ok, but he was missing 10 cm on each arm.

On the weather side of things, the jacket is quite light, and breathes nicely, which is allways convenient for a bike ride, where the effort is constant. In the beginning the water would slide on the surface perfectly because of the bees wax; that obviously has decreased with the time and the long polo week ends. I guess I should spray a bit maybe?

Anyways – so overall this garment is a great jacket, though if intended for sports use, and not only chilling on the side, it could be slightly improved to have a looser design. I must finish by saying that the hood has a very nice fit.



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