You shot me so I shoot you

Osunlade on the decks

Whenever Osunlade is in town, I know I am not going to sleep much –

On the 26th of December 2009 he was playing at Djoon all night long. After chilling in the studio all afternoon, I had a raclette @ Greg’s house, and then arrived at the club around 01:30. It felt weird going back to that club, because it had been such a long time, and because I have so many memories there. In fact it felt a little different, mainly because of the DJ booth aspect – It is a real booth now ! The sound system also sounded quite tight and not as loud as it used to be (I mean badly loud). The people seemed to be slightly different too.

Osunlade on the decks

It felt good to see the Parisians House Mafiosi Lionel Marciano and Franck Roger, crazy folks and heads of Real Tone Records.

Osunlade and Franck Roger

We were all hangin out by the booth and got to hear some classics like “thousand finger man” or “gypsy woman”; the people seemed to have as much fun as us. I was taking pictures and being careful to the smooth mixes of Osunlade. Had Perrier all night long and went back home at 07:00 AM tired and happy.
Next day, we met and walked in the city, just letting ourselves be surprised by all the gorgeous things and scenes that Paris has to offer. Paris is a bit like a painting sometimes, good to watch but not much interaction. Perfect for shy photographers like me.

Here is the photographic diary of Osunlade’s visit.

Please make sure you check his latest album, “Rebirth” that is one of the most sincere and deep expressions of his music to this day.

Osunlade on the decks
DJR 400
Osunlade on the decks

Osunlade on the decks

Osunlade on the decks

Osunlade on the decks

Osunlade killing it
Osunlade having fun
Osunlade in effort
Osunlade having fun
Osunlade on the decks
Osunlade on the decks

Th Djoon

The Djoon
The Djoon

This guy was hilarious – it looks here like he’s hitting a glass door
Fake glass drunk man
you can tell by her look that she wants something or that something’s wrong
The request

you can tell by her smile that she’s having fun
this guy was hitting the cowbell really nicely; almost like it was part of the records
Cowbell Man

Last talk

6AM last talk

One response to “You shot me so I shoot you

  1. Très bon Mr Louis!
    Un plaisir de t’avoir recroisé.

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