I’ve just come across this video, INCREDIBLE !!! these little bikes have semi fixed hubs…. they can pedal backwards but still have free wheel … isnt that impressive ? And the bikes themselves have a weird shape; small wheels, track drop outs, track shape, but BMX fork. Impressive. Reminded me of my friend Jojo’ s bike :

He was playing polo with that bike. Now all we need to do is get those HUBS and use them on the court !!!!!!


2 responses to “HOLLY MOLLY !

  1. Hey!
    Que tal, soy camilo de los Skid Heads de barcelona, como va todo?
    Ya estoy apuntado para paris asi que pronto nos veremos por alla.
    Que hubs son esos que son freewheel y al mismo tiempo puedes ir marcha atras??¿?¿ deben ser increibles, estoy empezando a jugar polo con rueda libre y esto seria bastante interesante de probar.
    Nos vemos!

  2. luis

    ce sont des myeux freecoaster..mais ya une couille ds le paté.

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