A quick article about the video “fixedgearlondon in Paris” :

Last year a group of 10 fixed gear riders from London planned a trip to Paris, to discover what the scene was around here.
For 3 days, we rode east to west and north to south everywhere in Paris… It was really cool to hang out all together, and get these guys to meet the “locals”.
I remember it was a cold and humid month, and it seems like it was such a long time ago, because so many things have happened since. To me it seemed obvious that this improvised trip needed to be on tape, so I grabbed my scooter and went for some filming… The outcome wasn’t meant to be a really fast and dangerous looking video; the purpose was to show people that riders actually started to travel with their bikes, the only purpose beeing “RIDING”.

Luis Davis

Luis hails from Paris, he’s a cycle polo pro, fixed gear fanatic and a ’spare time’ videographer. We had him fire in some words about the video above, like he mentions in his words and the same reason we dug it – it’s just dudes riding.

Cheers for the narrative Luis, stoked to have you on board this coming year as a product tester, look forward to many more shorts and the stories behind them – stoked!

Se the original article here :

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