Francky Knuckles

SO this is not a fixed gear post.
As you might know, I am a DJ. And that makes me have a special relationship with the music I play, and the record makers that produced it.
Francky is one of these people that has inspired me in good and bad moments; a short while ago, someone told me secretly that he had been operated and that the situation was quite dangerous.
The person who asked me to keep me for myself was right; Francky is a very private and shy person, and it was his will not to spread rumours. Internet can be a great thing but also the place for various false ideas.
Here are the exact words that Francky Knuckles wrote on Defected billboard (at least I hope they are from him)
More than a musical legend as a DJ and a producer, Francky is really truth about life in general.

Recently there has been a lot of scuttle-butt going around on the internet about me and my health. Apparently, someone perpetrating that they are a friend or someone close to me felt it necessary to use me and my PERSONAL HEALTH in an open forum for public discussion. I feel violated and disrespected.

Let me say this; Anyone that knows me personally or, anyone that I’ve been in close proximity to on a personal level will tell you that I’ve never been anything less than a gentleman. Oh, I can be as silly as the next one but, never disrespectful, mean or, malicious. However, I am an intensely private individual and don’t take kindly to having to explain myself.

But, to put these rumors to rest, here’s what’s been going on;

Almost 10 years ago I broke my right foot. And instead of sitting still and allowing it to mend properly, I returned to the road and continued to travel during the healing process.

Well, the foot never really healed properly and over the past 10 years continued to give me great difficulty. Throughout that period I developed a disease in my foot called osteomialitis (it’s a disease of the bone).

For years I worked with my doctors to combat this illness and they informed me (to a degree) that all this work was pretty much the equivalent of putting a bandaid on the situation. Eventually, it was going to get the better of me and I’d be left with no other choice but to have my foot amputated.

Well, I praise my doctors for helping me put up a good fight. But what was inevitable came to fruition on July 3rd. I didn’t lose my leg but I did lose my foot. it was necessary because the disease was beginning to travel up my leg, threatening my heart.

I didn’t have a problem losing my foot. After all, I still have another. But I did have a problem losing my life. This is the only one I have.

This disease I developed wasn’t diabetic related. The fact that I have diabetes may have compounded it to a degree (in it’s latter stages). But you’ll all be happy to know that I’m doing very well. I’m 1000% better now that my body is rid of the disease and I’m no longer living in pain. I lived with that pain for almost 10 years and most of you never knew it. And you weren’t supposed to.

We’ve shared entirely too many good times over the years in every city and country I visited around the globe. I did my job and tried to remain respectful of the job at hand when it came to coming and playing for you. And when this thing got to be too much for me, I did what was necessary to correct it. But it was evident that I was going to lose my foot. And that was/is a private matter. One that I share with my family and very close friends. I just wish that instead of someone opening a forum about it here online, that I would’ve been trusted well enough by everyone to know that I would make a statement about it.

Just know that I’ve been doing everything in my power to get better and turn this situation around. I can’t thank you all enough for your prayers and well-wishes. Your blessings were well received. For the past 3 months I’ve been here at home, I’ve managed to rise every morning with a smile on my face and endure every obstacle that’s been put in my path, to get back to where I need to be. On a dance floor with you. I can’t thank you all enough for the love and respect you all continue to give me.

I am a very fortunate man.

Maximum Love & Infinite Respect~





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